Shinya Sakurai "Delicious colors"

25.09.2019 - Il Castello Arte

From the 20th of February to the 4th of April 2019 we had a real pleasure to host a solo exhibition of a Japanese painter Shinya Sakurai.

"Even if Shinya Sakurai paintings seem to be simple and functional home decors, they are not as easy to read as they seem at first glance. When we look at them calmly and carefully, when we let our eyes to be caught by a dense texture which consistently covers the whole surface of the canvas, we gradually immerse oureselves into an iridescent dimension of a vibrant, almost hypnotic tension and of a refined and complex game of multicolored compositions both consecutive and subtly different at the same time. (...) The art is to him a means of conveying in an evocative way a message of hope for a better world, a poetic vision that generates in those who look at his works a true sense of serenity and happiness." Franceso Poli
Below: few photos from the opening.
First on the left and first on the right: owners of Il Castello - Adriano and Marcello Conte
Second on the left: Shinya Sakurai 
08/11/19 Lichtenstein + Warhol. Prints #exhibition

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From the 20th of February to the 4th of April 2019 we had a real pleasure to host a solo exhibition of an Italian painter Fausto Bertasa.  Since the ‘80s Fausto Bertasa has been one of the leads in the Italian and European art world, his w