Collective exhibition "MEME, the revolution will be posted"

25.09.2019 - Il Castello Arte
From the 16 th of May to the 30th of June 2018 we were delighted to present the collective exhibition "MEME, the revolution will be posted" with 20 artworks of :

Dario Arcidiacono, Massimo Caccia, Maurizio Cattelan, Paolo De Cuarto, Max Ferrigno, Pao, Mimmo Rotella, Mario Schifano, Jacques Villeglè, TV Boy

"(...)Because the meme is never a point of arrival, it’s always a starting point. The very term "meme" resumes the Greek word
μίμημα, namely an infamous imitation of an imitation condemned by Plato more than 2000 years ago, as it deviates us three degrees from truth. And yet, everything starts from an imitation, as since childhood we learn by it. We imitate, we learn and then we innovate. And that’s how it works in the art world too. We start our careers by imitating great artists to end up by finding our own style. (...)  
Which brings us to the reason of thisexhibition. Unlike what its title may suggest, this is not the exhibition of memes. We have not collected the most significant memes of the last few years, instead, we have tried to investigate more deeply the relationship between art and society in the age of memes. What will remain of this universe of images and ideas? Was Plato right to condemn an imitation of an imitation? Is it possible that an imitation could be closer to truth than reality itself? What is the significance of the artwork? Does the author give a meaning to it, or the public? (...) We have chosen original artworks which their aesthetics contain traits of the reference, direct and indirect, to the imaginary of memes. Just look at their forms, often squared, or their design with characteristics of popular culture, which sometimes converse with a text specifically created to complete the artwork and to give it an ironic and provocative meaning. So does the choice of subjects. There are elements taken from popular culture and mixed with different colors and inspirations. From Pao’s Marilyn mixed with the advertising aesthetics of the 60s, to the "Lehman brothers" who meet the Milton twins in the artwork of Dario Arcidiacono, moving on to the “tiger man” recontextualized by Max Ferrigno, the vintage advertisements interpreted by Paolo De Cuarto, the "illustrastorie" by Massimo Caccia and the icons of classic art mixed with the contemporary ones by TvBoy. " Jacobo Perfetti   
Pao,Star,2018,acrilico su tela e semisfera in legno,60x50 cm-min.jpg
Pao, Star, 2018, 60x50 cm
Max Ferrigno, Campbell’s #04 (Apple Soup),2014,acrilico su tela,120x80cm-min.jpg
Max Ferrigno, Campbell’s #04 (Apple Soup), 2014,120x80 cm
Dario Arcidiacono,Ciccio T-shirt Predator,2010,acrilico su plexiglas,90 x90cm.jpgDario Arcidiacono,Ciccio T-shirt Predator,2010,90x90cm
Rotella Mimmo,La magnifica preda, 1980,décollage,19 x140cm.jpg
Rotella Mimmo,La magnifica preda, 1980,190x140cm
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