Post Pao “Dirt Roads for the Post-Lost Ones"

27.04.2017 - Il Castello Arte
On the 04th of April at 6 p.m. our gallery opened its new exhibition with 18 artworks of Paolo Bordino (Pao), who is one of leading figures in the Street Art in Italy. The ehxibition will continue till May 13 and today we would like to show you some photos from the formal opening.
We didn't expect so many guests, but should we be surprised? After all, we decided to inaugurate the exhibtion at the beginning of Milan Design Week. 
We are waiting for you in Via Brera 16.
Monday 3 p.m - 6.30 p.m
Tuesday to Friday 11 a.m - 6.30 p.m 
Saturday 11 a.m - 2 p.m

​ On the left: Pao



​Marta Cielecka
20/04/17 The Short History Of Street Art #historyofart #streetart

  As it may seems to be a bit strange considering our decision to display artworks of Pao, a street artist from Milan, we would like to acquaint you with the history of Street Art which, as we hope, will remove all doubts.  It's a fact, th